Belly Fat Workouts

A Complete Personal Trainer's Tips and Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is seriously harmful and dangerous. It is a significant risk factor for type 2 diabetes and many heart diseases. People with visceral fat are also at higher risk of developing diseases than others. So if you get fat in this area and you feel that you are overweight, you should find a solution for it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that it is not easy to lose weight, and sometimes people have been struggling for years but cannot get rid of belly fat. Here are 20 useful and practical tips to help you reduce and lose belly fat.

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Doing Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise, cardio, is an essential way to reduce visceral fat. Regular exercise helps you burn your extra weight and calories and ensure your health. Studies show that aerobic exercise has a great effect in this regard. Besides, you can get better results if you do a combination of low, moderate, and high-intensity exercises. Another essential thing to keep in mind is that continuity in your exercise is a vital factor for its result. For example, a study on postmenopausal women found that those who exercised 300 minutes a week consistently had less fat accumulation than those who exercised 150 minutes. Here are some exercises you can do to reduce your belly fat:

2- Twist Crunch
3- Reverse Crunches
4- Side Crunch
5- Vertical Leg Crunch
6- Bicycle Exercise
7- Rolling Plank Exercise
8- Walking
9- Running
10- Jogging

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Eating Plenty of Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber can absorb water and become a jelly material that helps food easier and faster in the intestines and digestive tracts. Studies have shown that this type of fiber can help you lose weight and make you eat less. Surveys of 1,100 adults have shown that every 10 grams of soluble fiber added to the diet causes a 3.7 percent decrease in belly fat over five years. So try to consume foods that are high in soluble fiber. Some of these foods include noodles, broccoli, avocado, beans, and raspberries.

A High Protein Diet

High protein intake causes the secretion of the hormone PYY, or satiety hormone, which reduces appetite and increases the feeling of satiety. Besides, it also boosts metabolic, which helps maintain more and better muscle mass in your body. According to many studies, people who consume more protein are less overweight, especially in the abdomen. So make sure at least one protein-rich source is included in each meal. In other words, you should eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy, whey protein, or nuts in every meal.

Reducing Carbohydrate Intake

The effective way to reduce belly fat is to reduce carbohydrate-containing foods. Diets that contain less than 50 grams of carbohydrates can cause you to have less abdominal fat over a period of time, as well as lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome. So try to consume fewer carbohydrate foods, and studies have shown that consuming refined carbohydrates is less risky than unprocessed carbohydrates.

Strength and Resistance Exercises Such as Weightlifting

Strength training and weight lifting can help you lose weight and gain muscle mass. Recent studies have shown that adolescents who do resistance and aerobic exercise at the same time experience less abdominal fat accumulation. Also, resistance exercise is also effective in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease.

Avoid Sweet Drinks to Reduce Belly Fat

Drinks that contain liquid fructose will have an impact on you to be overweight. So do not underestimate them. According to studies, these types of drinks increase body fat and make you fat. A study of those who took a drink for ten weeks showed that increasing belly fat was accelerating in these people.

Pay Attention to Your Diet to Reduce Belly Fat

Many of the things you eat are effective in increasing your abdominal fat. Try to take control of your daily calorie intake as well as the amount of effective and beneficial ingredients such as carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, and more. If you need to talk with our Toronto nutritionist, call Quad Fit Club now.

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