Fit3D is an amazing option to create a 3D image of yourself. A 360 degrees image with the help of Fit3D is one of the most amazing ways to identify the most effective starting point for a healthier life ahead. Even more, it has the ability to help you to track your progress with time in a more effective way.

Well, it is surely going to be the most amazing fact for you to know that the scan can provide you more than 200 perfect body measurements, which can allow you to compare and share your body changes from scan to scan for better assessment.

However, most of the people out there want to know why Fit3D is unique and how it actually works to provide you the most amazing scanning solutions which you can easily use for better assessment. Well, there is no need to go anywhere, because here you can find the most useful information with ease in this regard. So, have a look at the following information.

Why is Fit3D so unique?

This is the time to forget tape measure, calipers, and weight scales because Fit3D can do it all. The old fashion technology was open to inaccuracies and it was challenging to find the best results, especially when you were visiting different Fitness Toronto trainers every time to get updated measurements. While scan with Fit3D will be done in a private consultation room to avoid manual Gym measurements, which people normally find very off-putting. This is the best way to scan without facing any awkwardness.

How Fit3D works?

Fit3D is an amazing scanner that will take about 1200 images of the gym member while they are standing on a rational baseplate. After capturing the images, these will be sent back to the server to stitch the images together and create a virtual avatar as well as fat mass vs. lean mass, wellness metrics, posture reports, and body fat percentage in the best possible way. After preparing the complete report, this report will be delivered to the personal account of the members to access.


How can Fit3D help to track the progress?

It is one of the best options to track your progress over time. It is a reliable, quick and non-invasive opportunity to utilize because the same equipment is being used every time. Due to this, the results will be more accurate than the ones which are being measured manually.

With the images being captured by Fit3D, the team will be able to compare the results of one image with the other to show the exact position where you have gained or lost depending on your fitness goals. Even more, the members will have direct access to the reports through their personal account, and your workout and nutritional goals with our expert nutritionist in Toronto will be set accordingly.

How Fit3D is more useful?

There are various things that can make Fit3D more useful. Some of these are given below: • Fit3D can help in posture analysis by revealing imbalances in strength, flexibility, muscle symmetry, and joint mechanics. • Fit3D is meant to provide you precise measurements and insights of your body’s key areas. • You can get a better opportunity to compare up to 3 scans at a time to know the differences in the results in a more effective way.

STEP 7 Introduce yourself to the FIt3D Customer Success Team! They’ll be the go-to contact for you and your facility going forward, and would love to learn more about you.

It takes only 40 seconds to create a 3D image of the user with Fit3D. This amazing scanner is being used by various leading performance centers and researchers all around the world to track posture, health, body composition and other similar factors of your body in the best possible way.

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